Account locked. Customer support? Deplorable. More than 60h, and counting.


My wife has been using Revolut for quite a while. Recently she tried to add one of her cards, and upon hitting “Add card”, Revolut just blocked the account. Just like that. “Security measures” is what Revolut and some of you will say (totally overboard is what I’d say), but that’s beyond the point.

She got in contact with Support to unblock the account. She has quite a bit of funds in Revolut (a mistake, but still). She was told waiting time is 24h, which is ridiculous to begin with - this isn’t some silly software support we’re talking about, but a restriction imposed on someone to access their own funds, and it’s an urgent enough matter for which actual banks have 24/7 phone numbers to help sort out … but I forgot: “Revolut is better than your bank,” right?

Anyway, it’s been more than 60h and counting, and nobody has bothered to reply.

My own experience with Revolut customer support (I’m a Premium member too) has also been deplorable for the past year, and even more so in the recent months with double spends and funds held hostage for many days, e.g. see here … shall I also bring up all the top-up and payment issues affecting so many of us recently?

Reading these forums, I see @AndreasK spends his time mostly apologising, an observation made by others too.

Revolut is simply not reliable. I get the distinct impression that when it works, then you’re lucky, and for the rest of time: pray you don’t need customer support.

Bottom line is my wife’s funds are blocked, nobody is replying, there is no phone number or email for Customer Support … oh, but Revolut keeps developing these absolutely critical features, like vaults or the even more critical, accelerated vaults!

Guess who will stop using Revolut after getting their funds back?

To Revolut: stop spending time and money on developing silly features that nobody prioritizes above customer support, and start bloody investing in actual customer support! As far as I’m concerned, you failed as a bank/bank replacement. I can’t trust you being reliable for any of the most important operations: add card, top-up, payment … all 3 had major issues, more than once (resulting funds locked or account locked for long periods of time).



Try to contact them on Twitter. That has been my alternative to regular support when it’s urgent.


Had similar, notification said 24 hours wait, used FB Messenger, immediate response, uploaded selfie with id, back in business in 1½ hours.

As a comparison - 18 months ago holiday in Mallorca, Nationwide card rejected, telephone helpline not answered (continuously busy), no notifications from bank, 3 days later card started working again, complained and had apology 4 weeks later, apparently computer failure that knocked out most overseas transactions.

:r: wins hands down.


My experience is totally the opposite, following recent Mastercard outage:

  • Halifax failed payment reverted to my bank in 30 mins, no need to phone support.
  • :r: failed payment. 6 days to revert, many attemps to contact customer services with zero response.

:r: isnt even in the same league.


While that did solve your issue it still shows how dysfunctional Revolut’s support is. It cant be that some third party channel is supposed to be more effective than their very own official support channel. Revolut cant expect people to have all sorts of profiles with other services just to get problems fixed they started.


… and that’s still far better than what has been happening on multiple occasions to me + friends with Revolut: the card is being rejected (Revolut always blaming their payment processor or acquirer) then Revolut’s customer service is non-responsive for the first ~24h or more, then they tell you the funds are locked and will be reverted in 7-10 days and that you need to wait. Retrying the transaction gave more money to Revolut to keep hostage for another 7-10 days. Sometimes you’re lucky and get it back after, say, 5 days.

See more here:

June and July were full of such issues for us (in France). The recent apology & promises blog post from the Revolut CEO didn’t leave me any more hopeful. Customer Support has been getting worse, not better.


i want to ask how many cards did your wife added until she hit the add card again. Ive added 3 of my cards till now, and the automated security system did not took any action.


This was only her 3rd or 4th (can’t recall exactly, and now we can’t check). The other ones have been used to top-up regularly, and the account has seen plenty of activity and volume. This overzealous approach to security is damaging. 3DS was invented for that reason, to do the initial authentication and authorization with the credit card issuer, then pass the result to the merchant, in this case Revolut. Revolut just said “no, that’s not good enough, let’s block this, and make them wait 3 days (and counting)”.

OFF-TOPIC: This overzealous approach to security is even more frustrating for the ones with some background in security engineering listening to Revolut say “the system detected [bleh], we can’t do anything about it, you need to [bla]” … well, that system was configured by a human being, so you can certainly do something about it, and that human being needs their own security settings tweaked to understand “security vs functionality”.

I had my own account at Revolut blocked several times in a similar way (plus issues with double spends, money taken hostage for 7-10 days because of failures on their end etc). I then stopped using Revolut for anything other than IBAN transfers to another country, until that too got my account blocked twice: “suspicious activity” - because I made 3 transfers with some regularity (to a company with publicly verifiable information! and Revolut demanded details about the nature of those transfers …).

Since then I stopped using Revolut completely, despite being a Premium member (customer service is just as bad). I realized I can’t predict what happens if I click “add” or “top-up” or “send/pay” - will it work, or will it block my account and take my funds hostage? Went back to using TransferWise: slightly higher fees, but it actually works (and has higher limits, plus free business accounts). Revolut is just not suitable to be a financial institution, at least not the one they advertise. May try Monzo now that they have an actual banking license.

I decided to finally make a thread about it because I really had it with Revolut.


This is the exact situation I am in right now, and although I am new to the community and the platform itself (not digital banks, just :r:), I must say that I completely agree with you foobar - I actually did quite a lot of research on the company before I signed up. I knew that there were problems with customer service, but everyone has that mentality where they think ‘it won’t happen to me’ - well 2 days later after signing up, I was locked out, and now I have been locked out for 2 days. Half my experience with :r: has been face-to-face with that security lock screen. I wrote an in-depth review of my thoughts in :r: on Reddit - it may sound silly because I’m so new, but honestly, you don’t need that long to gather a first impression, one that is seemingly backed up with countless reviews and from a friend’s personal experience.

I hope that this is all due to the relative newness of the platform, hopefully with time, they will improve the existing customer experience rather than constantly marketing new features to entice new customers. I believe in :r:, and I hope they succeed because I admire the CEO and his vision and reasoning for creating such an app. In terms of execution though… it’s time to start investing more on the customer experience and loyalty rather than unsustainable growth.


Sorry to hear you’re in the same boat. The vision isn’t new - many similar companies exist (N26, DiPocket, TransferWise, Monzo, Starling, Monese etc) but Revolut had more penetration in the UK, and I chose it because normally a larger customer base also means larger and more reliable operations … I was wrong. There are so many things going wrong with Revolut on a fairly regular basis. I now call Revolut “an interface to multiple points of failure”. Sadly, the CEO’s vision has the wrong priorities. I’m looking forward to N26 coming to the UK.


Hi there. We are sorry for the delay in getting back to you. We have responded and resolved your query. If you need anything else, please let us know.


@foobar unfortunately your case is still under review. Sometimes this process can take longer, which can happen for a number of reasons:

:no_mobile_phones: A wave of suspicious activity causes many different accounts to be locked, which increases the workload on our agents

:no_mobile_phones: Some cases require deeper investigation to ensure that those users aren’t committing fraud, making the review last longer

:no_mobile_phones: We work with a wide variety of partners, so we sometimes need to get their perspective on a case and this can also cause delays (although we’re not pointing any fingers!)