Account Locked and no answer from 2 weeks

It s very frustrating when for 2 weeks no answer and the account is locked, special when in the account there 22.000 Euro. Yesterday one the moderator in this community assure me that the support will put in contact with me, but after 24h still no body contact me.

I think that the app is very good what is wrong and I m very disappointed for that is the support.

I hope that I will sort ASAP that situation

Hey @Claudio :slight_smile:

That’s a lot of money, and it’s quite normal that you’re worried! However, only 20 hours have elapsed, and it was night during most of them :wink:

Verifications (even if it’s bad) might take up to 3 days, so I can only suggest being a little bit more patient :frowning:

It s 2 weeks mate not 20 hours, please don’t tell me that. Because is very very frustrating that