Account locked and money has left my bank account


Hello my account was just locked while I tried to make a transfer. I have verified the cards on my account and called my bank as well.

I have been waiting for chat support and no one has answered me, when I try to call it doesn’t allow me to speak to anyone. This is very terrible. Can anyone help?


Hey there,

The live support for non premium account holders will be closed until tomorrow morning by now :frowning:

Hope you can get it resolved in the morning and let us know how you get on :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot for the response. I tried to call/email/twitter for the past few hours with no response.

Next time, I will just stick to the traditional bank that can be contacted.


Sorry you feel that way, Hope they unlock soon :frowning:

I’ve had no bad experiences but I fully verified then kinda slowly “ramped up” my purchases to try and not accidentally trigger the protection haha


Yeah maybe that’s what I should have done first as well but I already verified on two of my cards.

Now the support chat box that has been ignored for the past few hours is asking me to upgrade to get premium support. It just feels very sleazy.

I’ll wait till tomorrow to see what happens, thanks again for responding.


Hi there!

Massive apologies for any inconvenience caused.

I can see that a member of our compliance team has help you.