Account Locked after Successful verification



My revolut account has been locked whilst sending the money to another account.

This is what happened step by step:

  1. Topped up revolut account using long number of my bank card.
  2. Converted pounds into euro
  3. Whilst making the transfer to another bank account, got messaged:
    “your account has been locked to protect your security. Please contact support.”
  4. Closed the message and straight away have been asked to verify my bank card using a code of the latest top up transaction from my bank statement.
  5. Provided the code, got message “your card has been verified”
  6. HOWEVER the app is still locked, I only have “support” tab, that’s all.
  7. I’ve sent message to support team inside the app, but no response.

Can anyone help please?

Thank you


Something very similar just happened to me. 6 hour wait apparently for customer support according the support tab in the app. 6 hours!


Same problem here account blocked even after you give all the info it required.Cant get to live support. do I need to leave phone on for 6 hours?


Guys, please search this forum. This is not the fist thread about this topic. You can read about different options to contact support (Twitter, Facebook, direct messages to Revolut staff here in the forum … ) that might reduce waiting time for support.



Quick update.

Someone from support team replied to me after about 90 minutes of my initial query through the phone app, I’ve been told that my case has been escalated to the appropriate team and due to high demand it will take longer than expected for them to get in touch with me. That’s been 4 hours ago. Still waiting…


Another update.

Someone replied again (after 11 hours), saying they reactivated my account, however, when I logged in - it is still locked.

Have been waiting for resolution 22 hours so far.



Hi there. I can see your account fully active. Can you close and re open the app?


Hello, yes, it is active now, thank you.

I have a question, can you please lift my limits for today? Originally, I needed to send money yesterday and today, but due to account being locked for almost 24 hours, I had to send yesterday’s money today and now I can’t send more money I supposed to send originally today, so I am behind with my payments. Is it possible to lift my daily limits please, so I will catch up with my payments? Thank you