Account locked after notification of verification successful


Account locked after notification of verification successful
Can any one please help
I tried to contact support but no response since 3 PM UK time
Any help appreciated


I have the exact same problem. My card was blocked subsequent to trying to do an internation bank transfer.

It asked me to confirm a code on the statement from one of my credit cards, which I did, and it was accepted.

I was then immediately blocked yet again, the same message appeared with a different card nominated. The thing is I have not topped up revolut with this card so there is no transaction that I can obtain the number from, hence my card remains blocked` with no conceivable way of unblocking it. As a consequence I am unable to access my funds.

Of course in time of need, there is zero customer service to contact to resolve the issue.

a pathetic excuse for a debit card, I wish I hadn’t bothered with it, and wish I had never recommended it to several friends.

Can anyone please tell me how to move forward with this, I am now irritated and despondent.


Account locked after notification of verification successful. I don’t know or it’s first time for them this problem… But I trying to contact support three days in a row, they just saying we will escalate to the relevant team. Acctually i didn’t hear anything from them. So I’m still waiting… What should I do to make it everything faster with unblock my account?