Account Limits Under Review, WHY? - Resolved!



My first post didn’t make it?! so i’m not going to spend as much time on this one, i will just get to the point!

I asked customer support what ALL my limits were, one week prior, in anticipation of making a payment of 6-7k. I was told i was well within my limits (Premium) and to go ahead… for topping up, fx and card payments, just so i wouldn’t have to waste my time hanging around chat support, or posting on community forums, and here i am :rage:

I topped up, made the payment and my account has been suspended, pending review of certain personal information, proof of funds.

Now i dont have a problem providing this info, i’m not happy, but never the less, i will do it. But customer support, refuses, will not tell me what the procedure is going forward, after i provide docs, and what the general process/procedure is, so i know not to get into this situation again or how i can avoid it. All i get is another version of robo rita on live chat, copy pasting sections of the t&c’s and anti money laundering bla bla… with absolutely no ‘one on one’ communication, all hours apart my i add.

I understand all the t&c’s and all the AML, I’m okay with that.

But i need some clarification on how we move forward from here, before i provide personal information… but the guy on support refused my request, blanked me until his shift was over, and passed me to another dept, apparently higher up!?

2days later, and between 10mins to 5hr waits inbetween exchange of chats, i still have no access and no feedback!!

I was really excited about Revolut, but now have a very bitter taste in my mouth… if you ate trying to emulate a bank, then you need to up your game, bigtime!

I should add, i move thousands of pounds between my bank, and in 30years, NEVER had an issue, if it were hundreds of thousands, yes, i would understand, but 6-7k? Seriously!?

Can someone please shed some light on the situation above, as my patience is running out!! @AndreasK please can you check this out for me, word on the ground, is your the only human working fir Revolut :wink:



Hey there,

I’m sorry for your inconvenience, unfortunately Andreas doesn’t work on weekends, but I suggest you to write at them on Twitter. :slight_smile:
Or AFAIK, one of the Revolut staff do work on weekends, not sure who does though, sorry.


Maybe @JessicaZ ?


Yep I think you might be right! :slight_smile:


Thanks, i’ll try someone else, but failing that, anothercday won’t hurt after waiting this long :no_mouth:


Hi @JessicaZ or @AndreasK

If and when available, would really appreciate your help.



@AndreasK can you please, please look at this for me.

I need to get this fixed ASAP!

Thank you!


Can anybody please help me with this, still no response from Revolut chat and no response from @AndreasK or from @JessicaZ

Or can anyone else from @Revolut or anybody from anywhere help?

This is madness!!


@AndreasK @pearcerevolut @revolut @olga_revolut @JessicaZ @rafael_revolut @neil @alexa.rodionova


Welcome to the wonderful world of :r: support.
Account verification can take several days once you actually get through to support which can take a couple more days.


Thanks for the moral support :exploding_head:

You know it’s not just the timing, they should explain clearly the purpose of what they are requesting and why, then let the customer know it takes X days.

To have the customer just hanging is damn right disrespectful, and very frustrating, which just infuriates the customer and makes a situation worse.

Hopefully they get this right, eventually, else clients won’t stand for it, well not the sort that want to use it as a serious replacement for a bank.

Guys, please get back to me, so i know what i’m doing… @AndreasK @pearcerevolut @revolut @olga_revolut @JessicaZ @rafael_revolut @neil @alexa.rodionova


I fully second that.


Hi there. As I can see an agent responded to your in-app messages, requiring further verifications. Could you please get back to us whenever is best for you?


I totally agree with you.


Thanks @AndreasK, they replied today, and i responded, lets see where this goes.


Your thread is a pleasant change in this “I am gonna call my lawyer”-infested something here :slight_smile:



@AndreasK How about lining out your typical verification process itself in an FAQ (e.g. under transaction issues and making it searchable)? Currently most verification topics in the help seem to be only related to the account owner’s identity

The key to customer satisfaction are clear expectations and I think Revolut is still lacking in that regard when it comes to the verification Process for incoming payments. In addition clarity might help getting less support questions and help your support team to focus better on real issues.

I used to lead a support team and this was one of our approaches.


Thanks guys and @AndreasK this was resolved, after providing certain docs.

I just hope i/we won’t have to do this on a regular basis, as it takes too long, and we all have busy lives to live. It needs to be seamless as possible.

Thanks again!