Account limits/foreign bank transfers/change limits

Hello revolut people! I just joined!
I would like to know what is the account’s limit!

In case I wish like to make a transfer from another country’s (non eu) savings account,
for example 10.000 £ or more (or keep it in the local currency),
do I need to change my limits?
What is the procedure and cost for that?

Check your annual limit (in your app).
Please read FAQ too. (Type limit in text box in there:

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It seams 4000£ per year!
How we can increase it?
Thank you!

Please read this:

Thank you. How can I attach or send the documents?

Go to More> Profile> Verification and limits then tap Verify the source of funds button.

If you cannot see this button you can use in-app chat (tap the clip icon)