Account Issue


I recently moved to the US temporarily. I have kept my UK bank account. My revolut account worked fine with my old UK phone but when I bought a new US phone I’ve had to re-register in the app. When I put my US address and mobile number in, it locked my out saying revolut isn’t available in the US. I still have credit on the card. I want to register with my UK address. without access to the app there is no way of contacting customer services. How do I contact revolut to sort this out.


Hey @ndiver :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, you created a :new: account, instead of changing your account’s phone number before actually switching numbers.

Now, the good news. Solving this should be fast and easy. You can get in touch with the in-app support team by trying to login with your previous phone number, wait for the SMS (which will not arrive) and click I didn’t receive a code, which will take you to the support chat :smile:

Alternatively, and also easier, you can just reach :r: through Twitter: