Account is under periodic review

Has anyone had a similar issue, with an account under review and blocked funds? First, they kept our incoming payments in pending status and asked for the explanation about our business. It was understandable, we sent them all the documents and information they needed, and the funds were booked.
But now I realized there were at least two more payments; the Revolut doesn’t even show in pending status. And we got no email with any questions from them.
To file a complaint, you have to know about the payment and send them MT103 from SWIFT system. I need to ask our customer to check obtain it from their bank.
It is too much for me, I think I should move back to HSBC.

Hi @Oleksii
Why did you close the thread? I 'd love to know other people’s experience in that matter. I still wonder, if I had a bad lack or maybe your procedure is not good enough.

Hi @MarekR

Our relevant team will update you via email. Thank you for your patience.