Account is locked?!?


I deposited funds and after that my account got locked. I was asked to verify the reference numbers on payments. I did that, and afterwards everything just went pitch dark. Tried your automated calling line, literally no help. Tried support chat, no help either. Kindly unlock my account ASAP.


It says “your account is currently blocked for security reasons”


Kindly resolve the issue ASAP. Thanks


I have the same problem here.
You can forget about asap here.
Only what you can expect is tha AndreasK comes here and tell you Shortly
after that you will be waiting, waiting fora reply.


Regretting using the app instead of sticking to normal banks for day to day stuff.


I know what you mean.
Later you realize that for few bucks you wasted a lot of time, cost you stress, wasted time, slowness, no customer service etc.


Hi there. I’ve unlocked your account. Thank you for your patience.


Thanks @AndreasK . Why did it happen?


Your account is now fully active too.


Your accounts were locked by our automated security system, for security reasons.


@AndreasK Okay. Thanks for resolving it within one hour. Appreciate it.


My pleasure. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

Have a great day.


Andreas K

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