Account is blocked, support wont respond, left in limbo


The app only asked for verification from my card after it had already blocked me. I passed verification but nothing changed.

Contacted support via app who gave a 1 message (generic) response from Martin with no details or advice and since then won’t respond to me.

I dont believe this is a log in issue, could @AndreasK or @jessicaszabla please assist as I dont really know where to go from here?

If there is an issue with my account then please tell me so that I am not left in limbo wondering what is happening.


Exactly same happened to me got one reply and still waiting!


I’m in the same situation. What’s going on!!!


Same situation hopefully all of you and myself can get it sorted as soon as possible . Any update from you in sorting your account out?


Hi all.

Please let me start by expressing my apologies for any inconvenience caused. Your accounts were locked by our automated security system, for security reasons.

I’m glad that it’s all sorted now and a member of our compliance team has helped you.

Once again apologies.


Andreas K.

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