Account is blocked for security reasons (?)


Hi, can someone help me?
I’ve deposited money with a bank transfer and used the virtual revolut card to deposit money on an online casino :see_no_evil:
The transaction was failed and my account currently blocked.
I contacted the support, but I got no answer (it’s 10 hours ago, so maybe they will answer today).
Has somebody the same problem and know what is to do?



Hey @Maurice :slight_smile:

Please check this:


Hello everyone, I have a similar problem of having my account being blocked. My only issue is that I hadn’t use the service in about a year and I was trying to re-install the app but it blocked it for security reasons.

In app chat is not working, I have messaged for the last 10 hours but no response. I have looked everywhere online for a direct number but to no avail - the only one is the automated line to block your account.

I have used above guide an Tweeted my issue so let’s see what happens next.

I don’t mind using the in-app chat feature but honestly it is so unresponsive and I’ve basically been blanked for the last 10 hours with no response - not even an automated message from Rita - the intelligent trouble assistant!

Hope there’s an easier solution out there somewhere.


OK it turns out that they are super-responsive on Twitter. They have replied back to my request for help and asked me to DM them - which I have done now - fingers crossed.


Btw my problem is now resolved. Twitter is the way to go!