Account Investigation takes forever



I have two revolut accounts opened on two different mobile devices over the past year, The second account was opened before I realised there was an ‘extra cards’ feature and I didn’t know it was not allowed. Both accounts used the same personal detail including full names and date of birth, as well as the same top-up & bank detail including bank account numbers/sort code and the top-up card numbers etc. Since I don’t have a habit to review terms and conditions when thing works fine and never visited this forum, I didn’t know I have been in a position of violating their policy, so both accounts have been worked fine until 07th/December/2017, they got locked with around £700 balance in it, both went into investigation, I provided all the documents they need but they put me in dark since then. I have reviewed their service terms regarding the duplicated account issue, but not too clear about what they gonna do with the balance, only mentioned in ‘‘account closure’’ section that any remaining balance would be allowed to withdraw.

I used revolut Cards for online shopping most of time, and I used the extra revolut cards for my oversea family members who were visiting me in UK. I shopped for them and they paid me back in other ways. So I have 6 Cards in total, and only 4 of them haven been regularly used for shopping. I didn’t know extra cards/Virtual Cards are not encouraged until I googled ‘‘revolut blocked account’’ and ended up reading some related topics in this forum.

I mean, I am sorry for opening a second account, but what you are locking now it’s my hard earned money after all, I hope after a long month of investigation, you could let me know some updates regarding the issue.