Account information not showing on OnePlus6


I have changed my phoned from iphone 7 to oneplus6. When I select my account, I don’t see the tabs Local/Swift, I just see what is attached.
If I check my account from the iphone, I can see the Local/SWIFT tabs
I think there is an issue with the resolution/aspect ratio of the phone. Oneplus6 has 19:6 aspect ratio.


Which version are you running?

It looks like it collapses the entire Local/SWIFT tab container. I am not even sure that is resolution related as it does show the content below the tabs.


I am using version 5.1.0 , Android 8.1.0 with Android security patch 1 may 2018 and oxygenos 5.1.6



I am using Revolut 5.1.0, Android 8.1.0 with security patch 1 may 2018 and oxygenos 5.1.6


That sound like a sane setup. Can you try to force stop the application, then clear its cache, and try again?

Should that still not work, maybe try to clear the application’s data - but that would require a re-login (just in case you cant receive text messages).


tried both options and I still don’t see the tabs.


Probably a proper bug then.

@AndreasK @pearcerevolut ?


Version 5.2 did not resolve the issue.


Any updates regarding this issue?


Issue is not resolved ik 5.3.0


I got a OnePlus6 on release day and I’ve always been able to see those tabs. I’m running Revolut 5.3.0 and Oxygen 5.1.8.

I can see the Local and Swift tabs for GBP and EUR.

Makes it even more confusing to me, as something like that makes me think it can only be an app issue, but running the same app version on the same phone with different results…

I normally run with the notch “visible” and gesture controls instead of buttons, but tried changing all those those and still didn’t see a change.


It most likely is an issue with the application, but as @kirov already re-initialised it I’d doubt it is some stale configuration. So it is either something about this particular device configuration (considering you have a very similar, if not identical, setup and dont experience the issue, I’d almost rule that out) or something about his user account.

Either way, only Revolut can answer that. Unfortunately they still have not reacted so far

@AndreasK @pearcerevolut @revolut @olga_revolut @JessicaZ @rafael_revolut


Hi there. The team is aware about this and working on a fix. Thank you for your patience.


Any comment on what the (technical) reason is why the application appears to collapse that section?

On a related, has Revolut considered making the application open source?


I’m on a Pixel Phone and never had problems with faulty display. Do you use any zoom levels that could affect renderings?


I do have a different scaling than the default one in place, but I dont experience the problem :wink:


Hahahaha! Sorry, mixed up the Ones. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
So, @kirov, did you change any settings of this kind?


I also have the same configuration as NerdyBiker. The application is not fullscreen (notch visible also) and also I have configured gestures.
But good thing that at least now the bug is acknowledged.
Thanks @alessandro and @NerdyBiker