Account hacked

I have noticed this morning that a payment has been made to a place called ‘Provisionclub’ from USA and I live in the UK. After checking my account, I then realised that every month on the same date there was some money missing from my account. I have frozen it and ordered a new card. How can I claim the money that has been stolen from me?

Thank you.

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Roxana C.

I would say the police, provide them with as much details as possible of the card, dates of charges and details of the charges as you have so they can investigate.

And of course change your phone PIN, passcode and biometrics or similar security features and account PIN, email linked password and basically every password you might have used with your account if it has actually been hacked, (like Amazon’s if you used your card to buy anything there).


Also contact the customer service in the app to initiate a chargeback.

A quick google search has shown that this is a scamming company:

Charging small amounts has been a scamming method for years:

Are we really talking about an hacked account or is this just an unauthorized usage of credit card data?

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Probably the latter but better safe than sorry

Thank you so much in taking your time to offer me advice regarding this matter.
I will follow your instructions carefully.

Thank you for your suggestion, I will do so.

I will be able to tell you if it’s just an unauthorized usage or not once I will go further with the investigation. I really hope it will be just the second option and not an hacked account. I am really scared at this point. But thank you for taking your time!