Account for South Korean Won ₩ 대한민국 원

Please support South Korean Won as an official currency account.

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The problem with KRW, and several other major Asian currencies, is that they are not fully convertible currencies. They are restricted by authorities in the country concerned, and therefore global investment banks trade them only as NDFs (non-deliverable forwards). Consequently it is difficult for Revolut to offer accounts in these currencies to offshore counterparties.


I don’t know. If they can support Thai Baht and Japanese Yen then South Korean Won should be in possible reach, no?

No. JPY and THB are convertible; they can be freely traded. But a lot of liquid Asian currencies are restricted and cannot be freely traded by offshore entities, e.g. KRW, CNY, TWD, PHP, IDR, MYR, VND. These can be traded only as NDFs. INR can be bought but not sold.

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It’s a late reply but Transferwise supports an account in Won. Maybe Revolut will also support it at some point.

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