Account for 13 to 18



Why don’t you creat an offer for 13 to 18 people ? I love your app and i’d like to equipe all my children with it because it’s a simple way to give them money.
Bank cards are really expensive for their ages so it could be great if it could be free.



The problem seems to be that underaged people can’t open bank accounts alone. Their parents need to open them for them in their children’s names. That would make the verification process very complex. I am not aware of any challenger bank that uses video identification or a photo verification process like Revolut does that offers this.

But maybe Revolut could offer some sort of extension account. Parents could open an account and set up cards for their kids and top them up via their own Revolut account.


I know there is an app called Bunq that gives a maestro card, with a video identification for under 18s. But it’s not free and it’s a maestro card so… It’s not really usefull


Maestro is not that bad at all! It works almost all over Europe on ATMs and many other places and in a lot of countries like the US for example one can withdraw money on all MasterCard ATMs.


Minor brand on the global scale.

Most of the rest of the world has moved on to either Visa Debit or Debit MasterCard.


You should be right but in France, some ATM and some marchand don’t accept maestro card…


Fantastic opportunity for providers of terminals (such as Square.) to enter the French (and Eurozone) market.


Well, sure, but since Mastercard uses basically the same IT infrastructure nowadays to handle Maestro cards, almost all “official” Mastercard ATMs also work with Maestro cards. I think the number of supported ATMs Mastercard publishes on their website is almost the same.

Sure, Mastercards are a more flexibel tool for all kinds of situations and there is a reason why Mastercard advertises the relatively new Debit Mastercard as the modern debit card, but Maestro cards are far from being useless.

Don’t forget how this tread started. Is it worth to get a Maestro card if Mastercard is not available? I would argue yes. Because one can get cash in a lot of places all over the world.


It’s legacy infrastructure.


Well, sure. But think about this: you are 15 and can’t get a Revolut card but a Bunq Maestro. All I am saying is that it is not a useless card.