Account details

I’ve just got a Revolut personal account, but looking to get a business account. The thing i dont like about the personal account is the need to put in the unique reference to make a transfer into the account. With a (freelancer) business account do you get a proper account number and sort code specific to that account?


Are you talking about sterling? If so, you do get a personalised account for a personal account too.

Hi @royston, I have recently opened a business account (freelancer) and GBP has its own account and sort number. I also have a Euro account with it that does need a unique reference number.

You should also have a SEPA (aka “local”) EUR IBAN under your name.

Unless you live in Switzerland, you should have a proper UK account number under your name on your personal account, even on the free tier.

Are you based on CH? If so, the freelancer account won’t give you one either as it’s only available for EEA residents.