Account details changed


Hello there,

I have used my Revolut card regularly and since a couple of months ago, I started to receive messages on my phone and through Revolut support that you have changed my account details, why? I am not sure if I have to update this information or simply cancel my card and account altogether…I absolutely do not like it and not feeling comfortable about it.

Who knows the answer why Revolut changes their users account details without warning, please let me know.



What do you mean by account details were changed? Are you talking about the account numbers for topping up via bank transfer? They have indeed changed a while ago but they are not “your” accounts. These accounts are Revolut’s accounts.


Hi @Sanea,

I guess you’re referring to the in-app bank detail available for bank transfer. If I’m right, we changed these bank details on December. We’ve sent plenty of in-app messages to make sure that our users are aware about this change.


Dear Andreas,

I absolutely do not like your tone in the letter. This is not a client
friendly approach.

I consider that information linked to my account as long as it is about the
sort code and bank account number, or am I wrong?



Hi @Sanea, I am still not 100 % sure what bank details you are talking about :slight_smile:

Revolut used an account with Barclays for top ups. And now it is with Lloyds. It changed a while back like Andreas said. These account details are the same for all customers. The information that is unique is only the reference code but not IBAN and BIC. So as long as you are seeing a reference code in the app, you are using the IBAN / BIC (or account no. / sort code) like thousands of other Revolut users. The reference code is used to allocate the money with ones Revolut card. This is how Revolut was designed.

Having said that, Revolut introduced indeed a while ago “unique local UK accounts” where customers could get a unique personal account number for UK transfers. Before this change happened, customers had to agree to new terms and conditions and only after that, the app would display these new informations.

If you want to know if the “personal” UK account is available for you, check the beneficiary. Is it your name or is it Revolt LTD?