Account debited incorrectly for 15 month old transactions


An almost identical situation to that raised here a few days ago whereby my account balance has been suddenly reduced by hundreds of Euros for transactions in September 2016!
North American hotel charges (Alaska) which are incorrect.

One currency was put into a negative balance & the amount immediately taken from my Euro balance.
These charges are incorrect & I have lost all confidence in Revolut after being given differing information from 2 support agents.
I escalated my issue but have heard nothing aside from a frivolous email received just now greeting me like this: “Hey remarK”. The email goes on to say a transaction from a “few months ago” just processed.
Is 15/16 months “just a few months ago”? September 2016?

I completed Revolut’s own complaint form but have heard nothing since & will not accept this cavalier attitude from a financial services company, a company now applying for a European banking licence no less!

To take significant funds from many customers’ accounts, 15/16+ months after they allegedly occurred without warning or explanation, creat negative balances on a debit card account without any credit agreement in place & then be practically uncontactable!

I’m gobsmacked by the frivolous email - “hey remarK”. This is a matter of significant importance for me as I placed my trust in & spent many thousands of Euros through Revolut.
You are a financial services provider.
It’s not something to be trivialized.

My request now is for you to reverse these 2 erroneous transactions from last week & restore my balances.

I shall await a reply but am contemplating commencing complaints with the financial regulator, ombudsman & whatever other authority oversees your business conduct.
I have refrained from raising this very serious matter too on social media as I believe trial by mob is unfair but I probably should be warning other potential Revolut customers about how you conduct your business with long standing existing customers.

I am hoping this can be resolved satisfactorily & amicably.
Please contact me through whatever means you have through this forum & I can furnish you with my phone number &/or email details.


It’s disheartening to read stories like this and it does feel that if something goes wrong with Revolut, no-one is there to help.
The support is terrible, they just bounce you around from one Slavic-sounding name to the next, and you keep having to explain the same things again, and again, and again, and finally they just stop responding (my current situation, no update since yesterday evening 11 PM despite 4 messages asking for updates / Hello / Hello??? / Anyone there?? over the space of more than 6 hours.
I don’t know why they bother with a banking licence because would you ever trust Revolut enough for it to be your main bank? If you have a problem, you’re on your own, and you can’t get hold of anyone.


With all those Slavic-sounding names you should check how many days they work at Revolut. So what you should expect from 19yo hipster working 10 or 23 or 37 days for such fancy startup? Your expectations is the problem, not Revolut’s perfect support!


Yes I did notice that some of them have only been there weeks, with the more senior ones having been there several months.
I guess that’s to be expected though as Revolut is in a high-growth phase. However it is a typical risk for businesses experiencing high-growth to compromise on quality. Something that needs to be managed!

It would be interesting to know where these support centres are based. I’m hoping it is at least in the EU and not Ukraine. Anyone have any idea?


Moscow, Krakow, St. Petersburg, London and… Recently I saw very Indian or Pakistani name. I guess bigger concern should be where your personal data e.g. passport scan ends up.


That’s exactly my worry… Even big UK high street banks have had very embarassing leaks/data theft from their customer service centres in places like India… and surely they are far more experienced and disciplined at keeping data safe than a fast-and-furious fintech startup.
Frankly having customer service being provided from outside the EU worries me. The founders may be Russian and Ukrainian but they are operating a business in the EU. Why not provide customer service from Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia, for example?


I’ve had the exact same problem and I share your frustrations, again with a NA hotel.

The automated email was a joke - mine was also a few years ago, not “months”. There was no way I can audit their claim, and in the app the transaction says completed in May 2016. I remember balancing my account after my trip so I am dubious of their claim/systems. Any traditional financial company could not get away with billing a user years after a transaction. What made it even more of a joke is that they used the FX rate as of today, rather than in 2016…

Unfortunately even though I like the concept of Revolut (and convinced friends to get cards), these practices and their awful awful customer service mean I’m going to move to another app. They don’t even have an email address, everything is in-app only and takes 15 minutes to respond - most answers are robotic and they have no empathy.

I am also going to speak to the financial regulator. Where is the accountability? Everything hidden behind in-app support.


I have had the same problem. Suddenly my account has been debited for a transaction which happened in April 2016. This has taken my account into the red. The new ‘update’ to the Terms and Conditions allows Revolut to take the ‘overdrawn’ amount direct from my bank. Did they make this change to avoid losses for their errors? I also have recommended Revolut to my friends but now I shall bewarning them against it.

Also, does anyone know how to close an account with Revolut? And how to disconnect my bank car from my Revolut card?