Account currency


I live in Switzerland and would like to have a physical card issued in EUR. However, when I am trying to do this, I can only top up a CHF account. Could anyone advise how do I have a card issued in EUR?


Read the faq. Your account can hold multiple currencies including euro. You do not need a separate card.


Yeah, I have 3 currencies on my account. But I need a card in EUR so that I could make transfers to particularly the EUR account at any given point and use the money whenever I need it


Hey Enigma. The Card issued by Revolut is a multi currency card. It is not bound to a single currency. Instead it can use any currency in you account. You can read the FAQ for details on how it will decide what currency to use.

If you need an EUR account, then go to “Accounts” and tap the icon in the top left corner. Tap “Add account” and choose EUR.

After you have added your EUR account you should click it on the list of accounts and at the bottom there will be a button to activate your personal IBAN.

Now you have a personal EUR account you can use to transfer founds via SEPA.

Again i urge you to read the faq at it contains a lot of information, and your questions are answered there.