Account Closed under section 19.1



I’ve been a Revolut Customer for about 18 months and I absolutely adore it.

I was really saddened to get a message that my account had been closed under section 19.1. After reading through the details, I can think of nothing in the past 18 months that violates the terms and my spending behaviour has not changed at all.

Is there anyway way to appeal this?

Please let me know


Just a warning to those that love Revolut and use it with their friends.

My friend and I are travelling together and we split bill a lot, send each other money that we owe one another and have done even before we were in the same physical location (and by bank transfer too!).

Revolut have clearly misunderstood this as money laundering and, without discussion or any due diligence on their part, they have closed both of our accounts.

Absolutely disgusting attitude to customers, I’m honestly shocked.


Maybe closed down mistakenly? Stuff happens.


I don’t think so, sadly.

Despite me messaging on chat, they only send templates.

This is really depressing and in another post, even if it was an error, @AndreasK said that 19.1 closures aren’t reversible.


Did :r: mentioned that closure is regarding loundering?


No Ares, it would be illegal for them to do so.

However, no other term comes remotely close and my friend and I had our accounts banned at exactly the same second - it’s clear what they thought was happening.

There’s another post that’s similar:

They just don’t care - Of course they can’t call us and say ‘Hey, we think you’re laundering’ but they could have queries transactions, looked for receipts without causing any harm or issue to themselves.


If Revolut can live without you, you can certainly live without Revolut. Dry your tears and move to other fin-tech. There are many challengers around.


None have the convenience of Revolut


I think it’s worth mentioning that the Agent that closed our accounts, Alice, has been on the job for ‘about a Month’.

I really hope it is a mistake.


I agree but if a bank doesn’t want you as a customers do you want to be a guy who begs them to take you back or a guy who moves to the competition?

If you claim they messed up, what makes you believe their next mess-up will not cost you a lot of money? If you don’t trust their practices why would you insist on sticking with them?

Live your life, go elsewhere.

I seriously doubt they will reverse their decision but good luck!


Revolut isn’t a bank - but it does provide services that are currently unmatched by the competition.

I am willing to give them the benefit of the doubt - One problem in 18 months, not too bad.


what is unmatched exactly?


Ease of use, multi currency account options, sending cards worldwide using extremely fast postal options.


Fine. Revolut is not a bank. What they do for you is just what bank does and more.


My bad. The question wasn’t too intrusive in my opinion but I understand why you didn’t want to answer.


Nobody can offer a solution without knowing the details.

Anyway, i honestly wish you luck with resolving your case but it would be very unusual for Revolut to reverse your account cancellation.


I am confident enough that, if Revolut didn’t prevent me from accessing 18 months of financial data, that I would publish it here for all to critique.


Such as?



Such as questions I wasn’t comfortable answering.


He didnt ask any questions in the first place but you generally dont seem to like to answer :wink: