Account/card suddenly doesn't seem to exist.



Please help. I just had to create a new Revolut account even though I have had a fully working card and account for a while now.

I couldn’t log in with my passcode, it just loaded for a while then went back to the previous screen. When I pressed ‘forgot?’ it made me enter my number then my passcode and did the same thing. Every time I opened the app it was like the first time.

I uninstalled and reinstalled it and it didn’t even give me the option to enter preexisting details, just create new account. Now I have I can’t seem to link my old card as it states something has gone wrong. When I try to log out and log back in it again acts like it’s the first time I’ve opened the app.

It just seems like my account/card just doesn’t exist any more. There was money on the card and I really need to use it now. I last used it a few weeks ago and have never had an issue like this. The card states it expires 09/19 so it can’t be connected with that.

Please help! Thank you.


Did you use the phone number to log in that you used to set up your first account? (Using a new number creates a new account.) More about changing numbers in the FAQs.


Hey Frank,

Thanks for your reply.

I have a few different numbers I could have used originally. I’ve tried all of these.

When the app first started acting strange I just opened it as usual, the passcode screen popped up as normal, then when I was putting my passcode in it just loaded for a moment then when back to the passcode screen with no error message of any kind.

It was only after this that I tried different numbers (still unresponsive) and the ultimately reinstalled the app and created a new account. But at the beginning it should have been already logged in to my account and accepted my passcode, but was just unresponsive.

Is there any other way to access the account? I have my name and email associated with original account and all the card details too.

Thanks again.

Problem with my Revolut account app login

Support should be able to find your “old” account and merge it with your new phone number.