Account blocked :(



I’d been using my new card for a few days today then when I tried to withdraw cash it wouldn’t let me. The app now says my account is blocked for security reasons. What gives?


Hey @waleo :slight_smile:

Unfortunately your account has been blocked for review, and this might take up to 3-4 days :frowning:
This should not happen often.


Ah ok. So basically all I can do is wait right?


Hey @waleo :slight_smile:

You can also provide all the documentation required (you can read about it in the FAQs/help) in a timely manner and reach :r: over Twitter to see if they can speed anything up:



I did all that stuff already. I sent an image of my drivers license. :sweat: I was able to use my card for a few days. Ah well. I’ll wait for them to contact me.


Hello. I have the same issue. How can i speed up the process?