Account blocked!!!


So I just topped up £356 so I can pay for something online in USD and, the second after I topped up, my account blocked! “Your account is currently blocked for security reasons” - the live chat department aren’t responding - how else can I contact Revolut? This is hugely inconvenient!


Chat window->type: live agent


So, live chat have been completely silent, not responding at all. Now they blocked me on Twitter. Seems like Revolut are running a scam whereby after people top up hundreds of pounds have block your account and block you on social media. Same thing seems to have happened to this guy:


Have you verified your account ?
Unverified account got top up limit of 200£/€/etc.


I think so. Right after I topped up it asked me for the 4 digit code from my credit card statement. I inputted it, and then it blocked me. They’ve blocked me on Twitter, too.


You can check your limits here:
Go to more - profile - verifications and limits


I’d love to do that, but my Revolut account is blocked. I can’t see or do anything apart from send messages to “live chat” that never get answered. They’ve blocked me on twitter and ignore me on Facebook. My only crime is topping up £356 with the intention of using their service to make a purchase in USD. Instead, I get an instant block. I’ll get my money back after 15 days via a Visa chargeback, but I’ll never, ever use this Revolut crowd again. Absolutely shocking operation.


You should escalate your problem via chat
I don’t think chargeback will work,since it’s not a purchase.
I think you haven’t verified your ID/source of funds ,and by topping amount which exceeds limit .
To get past chatbot in app chat just type : Live agent and agent will be allocated.
Expect some waiting times.
If you provide documents for proof of ID/residence /etc ,that would speed things up.


Thanks for your reply. You may be correct. I am happy to provide any verification documents they ask me for, but live chat are ignoring me, they blocked me on Twitter and they also ignoring me on Facebook. Just what kind of service is this? My bank have said they can do a Visa charge back for the reason of goods and services not provided. I will need to show evidence (screenshots) that I cannot access funds in the Revolut app after 15 days.


Try to type :Resolved and then Live agent again. You need to trigger chat .
You need actual support .
I’m just a basic user,not much use of me.
For amount you topped up basic id/passport picture will do . You can post it in chat .


KingMind, I have exactly the same issue.

No response on chat.


Thank you. I have done that. Let’s see how long it takes now…


It’s hard to see how a bonafide company, who are in the process of applying for a licence to be a bank in the UK, can see fit to treat customers in this manner. I’ve never known anything like it, literally. I’m amazed they haven’t deleted this thread yet.

I upgrade to premium, My account gets locked

Hi! I’ve escalated this issue to the relevant team which is better suited to help you with your request. Please note a member of the team will contact you via in-app chat as soon as possible.

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