Account blocked?


I have to say that Revolut Customer care is really bad and have no notion of customer urgency specially they are dealing with customer funds.

My account has been blocked with no reason given, even I am UK tax payer and hold the director position in my limited company which is in business/operation for 6 years.

Based on the recent activities I have notice with Revolut, I do not trust Revolut to hold any fund for any customer. If there is no progress further, I will be contacting my laywer to start proceeding with county court case to withhold funds with no explanation.

@AndreasK - Could you please look into this why the customer agents are non-responsive for days with customer query? I would like to resolve my issue immediately before I take a legal route against Revolut


My account also blocked for more than a week, I write everywhere and no one helps me in this situation.Here was only told how they will soon help me. I have not met such incompetent people for a long time I just do not care about the clients. I’m also going court!