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Just wanted to know how I’d go about getting my account unblocked, I’m looking to transfer funds urgently. I’m looking to transfer £1500 from a credit card via Apply pay. I’m trying to do it in 3 £500 transactions as I understand the daily limit is £500, yet nothing.

The money has already left from my credit card.

I’ve spoken to the web chat rep, Bryan, who doesn’t seem to want to reply to my messages anymore.

Please advise.

Thank you


Hey @Rumelkamaly :slight_smile:

I’d suggest following these steps:


Hi, when I see that you paste the same answer again and again I realise that most people don’t read FAQ and this forum. Sad.

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Quite, @redi :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
But the people with the locked account come after dealing with the support chat frustration, so it’s quite understandable

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It’s quite sad to think you have time to go through my topic without actually offering any help; I’ve read through the FAQ, written on Facebook and have had to start a topic on this forum. Which is nothing short of pathetic; I don’t remember the last time I had to write on my banks Facebook page to try and get there attention.

Maybe you could get a job (and if you are working there then maybe about time, you did some work) at Revolut and help them pull there finger out and actually support the existing customers who have money just locked in this so called ‘account’. I wanted to send money urgently abroadc and have the cash tied into this account with no support what so ever…

The FAQ do not offer a solution, but rather send you around in circles, this topic was a posted to create awareness to the Revolut stakeholder, that this is not how it should be done; don’t grow too big for you boots, as all you’re doing is setting up to fail.

@AndreasK You have a good customer base, stop taking new customers on board, get your team behind all the support issues you’re experiencing (and receiving bad press about) put it right and then continue to grow Revolut.


Hey @Rumelkamaly :slight_smile:

@redi is usually on the forum trying to help people out. He’s not working for :r:, just like me, so any help he wants to offer you is absolutely altruistic and I believe should not be judged.

Sadly, neither him or me can offer you any further help, and I agree with most of your views.

None of the FAQs I have seen sends you around in circles. Which one are you referring to?

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