Account blocked with large amounts of money. No response from support

I got great support from my previous thread whereby support got in touch immediately after @AndreasK got involved.

I had to painstakingly spend hours going back and forth gathering information from bank statements, etc. For a member of the support team.

When I finally did and submitted it via the app, No RESPONSE???

I told them I was going on holiday on Monday and just wanted this resolved ASAP.

Is it normal to get such poor services from Revolut? They claim to be better than the banks, right. But just as bad seems like it.

Where do I go from here?

Depends what actual problem is ? :slight_smile:

I just wish they would at the least respond and not leave you hanging. I am willing to be tolerant and patient, but this is exceptionally poor service.

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Seems like you have hit your yearly top up limit (just guessing). When you do that Revolut needs to do additional checks and you have to submit additional prof of funds.

I can fully understand the frustration. But since it is a different team that handles these cases there can be additional wait time.

Appreciate it, thank you. I guess I have gone over to the limit and don’t mind getting it sorted it out.

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My account blocked from 22th of January with 4000GBP. I sent documents and explained about money. Now ignore from support. They always answer “your account under review” and no more information. They can not send money back to outgoing bank. They can not unlock my account. Very easy lock money and use it and answer “” wait when review finished…" No contact responsible person, no phone support, no email support, in chat-ignore in thread-ignore. How I see the froze money for personal Revolut purpose. Other explanations for blocking money I can not see.

**They offer low rates for international transfers-for your sallary from the UK.
Be aware!!!
your money CAN BE FROZEN MORE THE 2 MONTH for stupid “security reason”!!!

I wouldn’t call the security reasons stupid. Revolut is required by law to do additional screening when they see activity that is suspect etc. This is in order to reduce money laundering etc. Be patient and it will be worked out as Andreas wrote in your other thread.

I hear this “Sit down and relax” the Thirds month while super fast support “review” my account. If they “see” scam or “laundering etc” let them send money back and close my revolution account! But they do not do it! They are more interested in freezing money under a fictitious reason!

You will have to wait until a Revolut employee gets back to you (i am not employed by Revolut). I am sure Andreas will respond when he sees the new message in the other thread.

Also i urge you to please calm down.


PITCHFORKS, NOW!!1!!1!!1!!


Alright, seriously, you wrote you were ignored in the “thread” by which I suppose you meant you opened one here in the forum but there does not seem to be any of that sort - except for the few postings from the past few minutes of course.

I agree that two months is a long period, but I assume something went somewhere wrong. When did you hear the last time from their support and what did they exactly say? Did you provide all the documents requested? I guess you exceeded your top-up limit, right?

His thread was made into a private message between him and Andreas.

Alright, well, maybe not such a good idea :wink: but out of my control :smiley:

Hmm, after two months of nothing even I might possibly, under certain circumstances, perhaps, maybe have a quick glance at a pitchfork :wink:

Which raises the question, will the platinum account come with a pitchfork too?

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I agree that two months is a long time and he should have had an answer by now. I suspect that theres something fishy going on though.

@marakus55 you are free to open a complaint with Ombudsmanden. That is a consumer right.

Yes, something went wrong it seems - let us summon the almighty @AndreasK (he is off for the weekends I think)

Well, yes, no offence :), that should really really be the last resort and not general advice.

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What is ironic in all of this for me is perchance I have jumped out of the pan into the fire :fire:.

I had a nightmare issue with HSBC and for whatever reason, the transfer of funds took over 30 days each time. With the frustration decided to use Revolut instead thinking it would be easy.

The transfers with the banks are straightforward. But here with Revolut, it’s a double whammy. Delays and stringent checks (difficult for me to accept that they are just money lanundering factors since I’ve been dealing with banks for a while now with large sums of cash).

First chat with support 22 January, they requested invoice for this transaction. I send what they requested and explained about money. They told review will take 5 working days then again 5 working days. again and again. Right now I can not get my money 63 days. No exceeded top-up limit. No scam. No fraud. Account verivied. Premium service.
Now no explain from support whats going on. I can verify what revolut needs but they but I see they need only hold money. Now I have 2 month and 3 days since “account locked for security reason”.

My question was not when you were in touch with them for the first time, but when the last time.

Anyhow, two months is long and I assume this will get sorted out but you should still not hijack @AzzamS’ topic ;).

Yeah. Would also appreciate not hijacking the thread and to getting me spooked. I’m on holiday tomorrow, and although a lot of money, I was hoping not to think about it as I’m sure it will get resolved eventually.

Did you go over the annual limit or what was the issue? I’m getting scarred

I though I can use Revolut without problems withdrawing from Crypto exchanges. Don’t really care if they communicate with my state as I plan to declare my income and can show them all the lists of my day trades to show the source of the funds but not I see a lot of people with frozen money…