Account blocked whyyyy


I try to buy something using PayPal where I edit my revolut card.
I have the total amount in my revolut account and proced to check out.

  1. The PayPal say that my card was rejected
  2. The revolut account block ( try from 16.45 to find a solution nothing until now 17.47 Greek time)
  3. Just now I received a mail from the shop the my order is on the way

What happened???
Some help???


Hello @Makam :slight_smile:

Since when are you a :r: member?
Your account is probably undergoing a verification process, which is normal and usually happens only once :slight_smile:


I have been member since a month I think
I already receive my card from revolut
And today I try to buy something and the account has been blocked


Hey @Makam :slight_smile:

You’re still a new member. You will probably be asked for a few documents and then your account will be fully verified :wink:

If you need to speed things up, wait for someone from the forum or head to Twitter:


I already did that
My account was verify
But today when I try to buy throw PayPal
It blocked.



Hi @Makam,

paypal is not the best friend of revolut but it’s working with mine.

You need to have e-commerce payments enabled in the settings. Please check you security settings in the app for your card.

Also, you can verify your card with Paypal. You might want to do that so PayPal “trusts” the card. You can do that in the wallet of PayPal.



Thanks a lot

It is ok now
I made the payment

Thanks again


Glad it worked out !

Happy to help you out. Enjoy your :r:


Thanks a lot for the quick response…

One more think
I just noticed that PayPal. Does not take the revolut account as a bank
account in order to send money from PayPal.

Keep up the good work…



Oh, so you used the IBAN and set up the account with paypal as a bank account ? This should work with your personal IBAN.

If it is not working please let us know about the details so it can be resolved !

Thanks your the feedback.




I try to put the revolut IBAN as a bank account to PayPal in order to send
money from PayPal to revolut if I have some money left to PayPal
But PayPal reject it.


okay. maybe PayPal checks some other codes and the revolut IBAN does not pass prechecks.
This might be resolved when the banking license goes live.


Good morning

We have to wait :grinning::grinning::grinning::grinning:



can anyboyd there help me please? my account is bloked ı have my money ın there. please help me.



Mine in the past too
Cause of PayPal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Just be patient and in less than an hour it would be ok…
The guys from support will response ASAP…

Just contact with support…:wink:

Best regards

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