Account Blocked, why?


Hi Guys, just looking for some assistance!

I opened my Revolut account, with the intention to get all of our friends money onto one card ready to pay for all of our festival tickets this summer.

I asked in support yesterday if that was appropriate, which they said was fine, so I verified my account and then proceeded to get 4 friends to transfer money from their bank accounts to my independent sort code and account number in Revolut, considering I’m from the UK.

I received the first payment, and tested the card online and it worked fine, so then I told the other three friends to transfer their money over.

It amassed to the total of £420.

I then tried to purchase something for £1.00 off the internet with the virtual card, and all of a sudden my account is blocked?

Why is this, what have I done wrong? I even clarified that it was okay before I got them to send money!

What do I do now? Live support isn’t answering and my friends money is stuck in this account?



First of all, your individual account is only yours, so you should top up your account only with your own debit card or transfering money from bank account registered to you.
It is in Terms of use.
You can retrive money to your account from other, as I understend, only by in app transfers.


I had the tunds tranferred to my individual sort code and account number. It says in the site that you can give this number to friends to pay to you! I also checked with support before the payment was made and they said it was okay!

They’ve asked me to send a bank statement for 3 months which I have, source of income and also now asked me to send my friends bank statements?

I dunno about you but it friends aren’t going to want to send me 3 months bank statements so I can receive a small amount of money…