Account blocked while travelling

Hi, I got my account blocked today, and I’m getting no response from the chat (despite a “20 Minute wait time announcement - which was like 5 hours ago.) As I’m travelling I desperately need the card in working condition - can anyone point out to me a way to resolve this issue other than the chat? Thanks!

Try Twitter - that usually works

I am waiting for 2 days, no luck for me

Thanks, will do! Hopefully this causes some action. Worst support ever…

Yep - concept is great and (for me anyway) works well.

Pity support let’s things down.

Maybe @anon33247966 or @JessicaZ can help?

Pew…I got my account unlocked. It took almost 3 days in my case, since 1st May 22.00 hour until 4th May 16.00 hour