Account blocked urgent


I got a message saying that my account has been blocked for security reasons. One of my transactions also got rejected. Since I will start my travel today, I want the account to activated ASAP. I have contacted the customer care but I have not received any update. Can you please do the needful else my whole point of taking Revolut service will be in vain. Also, I have verified my identity and also verified my top up card as well. @AndreasK can you please help me resolve my issue at earliest.


I had the same problem yesterday Thursday from lunchtime, it was finally sorted Friday morning 20 hours later!
The reason given - ‘Routine due diligence’ my argument is if it’s routine due diligence why don’t Revolut contact the customer either by email or telephone direct. It is very frustrating not knowing.


ya true…now if they don’t resolve it ASAP else I have to switch to age-old forex currency exchanges for my travel. I hope i don’t have to do that.


@AndreasK do you have any update…I have no idea is there anything happening on your end


@AndreasK I have been locked out of my account for the same reason for 24 hours now and the chat service messages me at 5am London time when I am asleep! I responded but have had nothing back since my response at 8am london time. I urgently need those funds as it is now costing me money not being able to access it. What is going on as this seems to be a problem with a lot of your customers. This is really bad customer service!


Guys! Please drop me a DM with you phone numbers associated with your accounts so that I can take a look at what’s going on.