Account blocked, support terrible


I have used revolut for over a year now and last year i would have rated you 5*. Last year i travelled america for 6 weeks and had to contact support on numerous occasions or i wouldn’t have been able to access my money but support was prompt in replying. However on a recent trip to belgium my account was blocked for no reason at all while support was closed. I tried to contact the support team after i had returned from my trip for them to reply the next morning at 6am (i was asleep) and when i tried to reply 30 mins later it had me talking to an automated machine again and said i’ll have to wait 24 hours for a reply. You used to have brilliant customer service but you have really let yourself down revolut. If this would have been last year i would have been stranded in a foreign country with no money and no way to contact you. You have really let yourself down revolut. My issue is still not resolved.