Account blocked, support not responding


Hi There,


While I was adding a new card for top-up, I was asked for numbers for previous payments from my statements. I provided these correctly and then my account got locked.

As directed, I contacted support, took a while to get to an agent and he advised he needs to escalate and someone will support me. So far, no response from anyone and no response to my repeated messages in the in-app support.

It looks to me, I have a lot of funds there and starting my travels soon, but it seems no one is there to help.

Is this usual for Revolut? I mean should I rely on this app and trust Revolut with my money with confidence that I’ll be able to use it when I need it, while I am in a different country?


No support, account blocked, all info provided

@AndreasK @larysa.stachowicz can you please help. I am not sure what to do with all my funds in the account which is now blocked and no one is answering?


Can someone respond please. No response on any channel so far. Tried Twitter, facebook, in-app support, no answer so far. I think I’d go to Revolut office in London and make a fuss.

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