Account blocked. Support helper gone to sleep


My account has been blocked. Shutting me off from access to my own money. I have tried to enter the pass code that comes up on my statement and nothing has happened was just greeted with another lock screen. Entered pass code again and it said its wrong. Tried it a few times and now I have one attempt left. Called support and the guy seems to have gone to sleep


Try read FAQ:
Lost password


I haven’t lost my password though. My account is now blocked as I’'ve entered the code incorrectly 5 times


I need help with that as well. I went today to an ATM in portugal and entered the 6 digit pin. Then it asked me.if i wanted euros no conversion. I have clicked on that option and then it asked me 3 times my pin and then my account was locked! I have no way of having money now. I have contacted revolut team via my app but no answer yet. This is urgent!


Hey @Lysanobrega :slight_smile:

Here you have all the available contact methods:


Hi there.

Your account has been flagged by our automated security system for security reasons.

A member of our compliance team will get back to you shortly and help you out.


It seems you are entering the incorrect pin. Please note that the app passcode is different from your card pin.

To retrieve your pin, go on the Revolut app --> “My Card” (Android) or “Card” (iPhone) --> “Show My Pin”

I have unblocked it for you. Make sure you use the right PIN.

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