Account Blocked. Support does not answer


My account has been blocked for security reasons, but nobody is actually answering from the in-app chat support.

What’s the procedure? Wait and hope?


Please give more details. Someone call help on the forum.

What happens when you open the app? What is the exact message you get?



@smanor, thanks. Eventually someone got back in touch and unlocked it.

The account was locked for security reasons, only the “Support” panel was active. Support stopped answering after sending a “I will escalate to another team” message.

Feedback for Revolut: before support closes the communication from the in-app chat, it would be good to know what it’s going to happen next. Something like “we received your message, we are working on it” would be enough.


I have similar issue - Account blocked for security reasons please complete following steps’. But there are no following steps only a Support button that doesn’t work.
How can I contact suppprt other than expensive international call (I am abroad at the moment)?


Same here, tried to book our vacation for tomorrow and payment declined / account blocked! Automatic reply by support robot that someone will contact me in 12!!! Hours. All but acceptable!

Really really disappointed


Same here, were you able to solve the problem?


es well It IS Very frustrated to deal with you as “you’re too busy to directly respond”;
Also I have already confirmed my identity a week or two ago but you want me to do that again now, & when I do want to send you the required pictures, you do not give me any choice other than wanting to take new pictures, which I am not ready or in the mood for it now … I already had a month long problem with you last month for similar +other points which were finally solved through joining one of your supervisors on Facebook… This is supposed to be facilitating banking & transfers but it is NOT AT ALL
I am not going through the same ordeal again, you better shape up or I’ll find other simpler arrangements
I need to send you my saved pictures for confirming my identity
Please respond, & as ou are NOT here, YOU need to advise me of being ready to directly communicate by sending me a signal on my phone or email as I am not going to wait here for 2 hours until you can come & speak or try to help …


Hi everyone,
if your account is still locked, please contact the facebook support or send a message to @AndreasK with you phone number associated with your account.
He will be able to sort this out for you.

Regarding the pictures, please understand that the support needs to verify the pictures and data. IF there is anything not really correct they do need to see new pictures.



Hi @AlfredC, as I can see your account is not locked however, you need to verify your account. I can see that a member of our support team has contacted you via in-app chat. Could you please reply?


Hey Andreas,
I have been trying for several month now to establish & use an acct with
your company to no satisfactory results so far; Now I have had it; I want
OUT; please reimburse my bank account & let’s call it quit


I’m really sorry to hear that! However, you will need to verify your account so you can be able to transfer funds out of your Revolut account. Please reach out our in-app support team so that we can help.


It does not work , that is why I want out, can’t you just put back the
money where it came from … as you can see it’s only me trying to
communicate with you people at Revolut ever since we started these whole
unlucky operations … :frowning: … Separakalo
Efkharistoume !!!


Hi @AlfredC

Could you please shoot me a direct message with the phone number linked to your account so that I can help you out?



Hello I don’t understand what is needed here, is it just sending you a
message like this one here? If not please advise; thanks


I’ve sent you a message. :slight_smile:


OK :slight_smile: so can you please reimburse me now & close that account that I never
managed to use or make it mine please?


I’ve reached out via direct message. Could you please respond so that we can proceed?


Yes please proceed …


This isn’t the direct message they sent! Please check your messages by clicking your icon in the top right then selecting the mail icon.

05 pm


I keep getting offers/suggestions? to continue; please stop!
I don’t want to be part of your system, please reembourse me back to the
account from where I did pay at first, the sum deposited by me; Thank you