Account Blocked, Still no answer from support



I am using Revolut from Greece for over a year without a problem. 3 days ago I made a top-up with 200 euro. Last night I decided to use my card for some purchases of electronic services. The card didn’t work to the merchant I wanted, so I used the card to top-up Skrill account and use my Skrill for my purchase.

All good so far. After that I tried to use my Revolut card again with Paypal this time for a purchase and my card declined. I logged in my Revolut app to see what’s going on and I found that my account is blocked.

I tried to reach support but was closed, so I tried tommorow morning again. Since now, over 4 hours passed and still I have no answer. And I cannot understand why my account blocked

I want also to mention that, this is not the first time, that I make such kind of multiple transactions but is the first time my account blocked