My account has been blocked of security reasons because I Tried to top it up with one of my old credits card that is blocked out of mistake… After doing that my account is blocked and there is no customer support for 24 HOURS!!! The money is blocked and I cant buy ANYTHING , NOT FOOOD, NOT Enjoy my Weekend. This is a shame and when this kind of stuff happens there is not a single support to reach out for… I am being honest I like Revolut but when things like this happens it is really bad… Partly it was my fault as well to use one of my old cards out of mistake of course, but where is the support?


Did you tried to type live chat to get an agent?

Keep in mind that it’s weekend and things happened because of your fault, kinda.

Let me share a story, cos I was crying too:
Back in summer I was in Georgia (Republic of). It was a Saturday evening.
Sunday at 1am I was supposed to start hitchhiking to Ankara where in Monday evening I was supposed to catch a flight.

Saturday evening I went to an ATM to withdraw 10 Lari only to buy a sandwich, that was all I needed in Georgian Lari.
Being used to Take card - Take money, the atm gave me first the money, I took them and I left. In 15s my card was back in the ATM. Called support of both banks and the solution could be solved only on Monday.

Was somehow funny because everyone knew I’m leaving that night and I went back to my friend with puppy eyes, had to make other bookings and so on.

I had my card back but I had to postpone my flight with one day, and book a bus to Ankara. Overall was ok, for more free beers and Georgian chacha from my friend family.


I has been solved, after I sent DM to Revolut on Both Facebook and Twitter… Thanks.


You see Niklas, THAT’S how you tell a story :blush:


Why on earth does a financial company use social media to deal with customer service. Ridiculous.

Secondly. Why is blocking accounts so frequent?

People sign up to this service as early adopters. In good faith top up accounts thinking they can use their card when needed and access their funds. Then while trying to pay for groceries … a restaurant bill… or a hotel room… they are blocked and left screwed potentially without any way to pay.

After 24 hours … of waiting for identity verification the just to get blocked on the first day, doesn’t give me much confidence in the service quality or make me all warm and fuzzy about having much money In my account (so what’s the point)