[Account Blocked] Revolut does not accept virtual cards..at least when they don't want to


Well hello

I have joined Revolut community advised from some friends. I was hoping this would be a nice friendship but it has not even started and it already goes very wrongly.

So I installed Revolut and required Revolut to send me a card. Obviously I was asked for a TOP UP, for which I used A VIRTUAL CARD!!!

Well the card arrived very fast, which was a very nice, and the packaging was modern as well.

Anyway, now I am trying to top up some more money, but amazingly Revolut does not accept my virtual card.

So, my question is, why did you accept my virtual card the first time? If I was aware that you wouldn’t accept virtual cards in the future I wouldn’t have top up 10€ in the first place.

Now I am lost with 4€ as my account is blocked and I am definitelly not giving you my physical card details after this breach of trust.

If you don’t accept virtual cards, don’t accept them from the beginning, to start with. Because if you do, you pass a not very solid image to potential clients. Anyway I am not one anymore.



Hi! Were you able to verify the card using the code on your virtual card’s statement? :slight_smile:


Already tried that. My account is now blocked so I can only unlock it using imaging of a card.



I had an issue with verifying my physical card, the software wouldn’t read the info on it for some reason. I contacted support and they verified it for me! :slight_smile: I advise you to do this too, they will ask you to provide some things like a statement of your virtual card. You can reach them on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: https://facebook.com/revolutapp They’re online until 6PM UKT during weekends!


Hey c0stin,

Thanks for the assistance. Is there anyone from Revolut here anyway?

I have already contacted Support on the App, with little consequences though. Do you think going on Facebook messenger would be better for Support?



They usually take quite a long time to respond in-app, but through Facebook messenger you can get in touch with them pretty fast :slight_smile:


We are in touch on Facebook. Looking forward to resolve this as soon as possible.