Account blocked please help


My friends account got blocked and now is showing just “your account has been blocked for security reasons” she contacted support only Rita answered and when she asked for a live agent nothing happened.what can she do ?


Use Twitter or Facebook or ask @ AndreasK (by DM) here.


I have the exact same problem. My card was blocked subsequent to trying to do an internation bank transfer.

It asked me to confirm a code on the statement from one of my credit cards, which I did, and it was accepted.

I was then immediately blocked yet again, the same message appeared with a different card nominated. The thing is I have not topped up revolut with this card so there is no transaction that I can obtain the number from, hence my card remains blocked` with no conceivable way of unblocking it. As a consequence I am unable to access my funds.

Of course in time of need, there is zero customer service to contact to resolve the issue.

a pathetic excuse for a debit card, I wish I hadn’t bothered with it, and wish I had never recommended it to several friends.

Can anyone please tell me how to move forward with this, I am now irritated and despondant.


Hi @Cristina3 @dave8819,

Really sorry for the hassle with that. Could you send me a private message so that I can help out?