Account blocked on third transaction!


I was excited to try Revolut. On receiving my card, I bought breakfast, a train ticket, and… then my account was blocked. I then chatted with a support bot who said a live agent would get in touch in 4 hours (i.e. 3am).

This feels more like a beta test than a real financial product.


Hey @ericling :slight_smile:

The delayed support times are a result of :r: failing to scale their support department to their exponential growth, and that’s something they’re allegedly fixing :wink:

Around 3 months ago and before, the average time to get an agent was about 10 minutes or less most of the time, at least in my case. However, just as a general recommendation, always try to keep your account fully verified and raise your limits before exceeding them and you shouldn’t have this kind of (highly inconvenient) trouble with :r: :smile:


apparently my account was under “routine review”. my experience so far is that whether i am able to use my card or not is basically random. not exactly a compelling product!


Hi there. Really sorry to hear that. However, your account was locked by our automated security system, for security reasons.

We apologise if you experienced any inconvenience as a result of this but our compliance team must follow certain protocols to ensure the safety and security of all user’s account as well as our system.

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