Account blocked & no support

account is blocked, after a while finally got to a person on support and he just said he can’t tell me why it is blocked and that he needs to transfer the chat to a relevant department then nothing happen. no reply nothing since then

Same here! I got my account blocked more than 14 hours ago, I immediately tried to contact apps customer support, still no answer and account still blocked

I blamed myself for not doing more research before opening account with Revolut, looks like a lot of people for got the same issue. useless

Worst of all, you do not know if anyone is working on your problem at all

looks like they are regulated by the FCA, so I’ll try to complaint to the financial ombudsmen if I don’t hear form them soon

same, i’m on chat now and i’m left hanging. No reason to why it’s locked. I feel sorry for the forum mods. If the chat reps were responsive, they wouldn’t get extra work here.

Hi there.

Really sorry for any inconvenience caused. I would like to clarify that Revolut acts according to the agreements we have in place with our users and security measures are paramount for us to keep every account safe. Your account was temporary locked as further verifications were needed.

We apologise if you experienced any inconvenience as a result of this but our compliance team must follow certain protocols to ensure the safety and security of all user’s account as well as our system.

Hi Andreas, this is an easy answer, account blocked for 2 weeks now and not even an hello from support… 96 hours will come 96 days soon… this is unacceptable!!

I can see your account fully active. If you are referring to the documents sent to increase your limits, are currently under review.

Yes finally it happens! Ty Andreas

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