Account blocked, no support for two days, still blocked


My account is blocked. No option is offered but contacting support.
in App chat is dead and the phone (answering machine) says that something goes wrong, and goodbye.

How can somebody help?


Hi! You can also contact support on Twitter (@RevolutApp) or on Facebook: :slight_smile:


try a complain to :


Same! 24h with no acces to my money and 0 options for comunication. I am rating this app with 1 star.

Pending to get my money back, scam!


Same. Not heard anything and no access to my money


My account has been blocked for more than a week. i have messaged 6times and no response whatsoever!


Me too, should have read these thread sooner…


Hi there. Please check your inboxes @Aneta, @alt.x3.