Account Blocked, No calling available, and nonexistant service


Hi there,

My account has been blocked for 2 days now, and I’ve been redirected to using the support app. The bot tells me I have to wait around 24 hours to maybe get in touch with an agent. There’s a lot of money I need to transfer to my account, and an application error occurs when I try to call.

First of all, is there some way to get support without 2 days of trying to get in touch with a support team?

And second of all, I see this is a trending topic amongst other users as well for quite a while. Why is this not being looked at or fixed? It causes a horrible user experience, so I can’t see why this isn’t being prioritized?



Hi there.

I’m so sorry to hear that.

Let’s get in touch via a direct message so that I can help.


Andreas K.


@AndreasK I have the same problem, no one is responding. They said they would in 12 hours but nothing still 24 hours later.