Account Blocked, No access to money & No customer Support

I logged revolut account on another my device and they locked my accout… so I uploaded them everything they asked, 3 days they searched agent, after 3 days appeared revolut agent only to tell me she is NOT COMPETENT to unloack my account and is escalating my problem to another competent team.

hi i need help with my account please as its been locked but i only wanted to close .y account as i paid a early termination fee but it still didnt downgrade?

Moderator why are you altering my posts here before approving??
Why are revolut live agents on app live chat asking only 1 question per day? After 3 days patti asked about devices, after 4 days Margaret asked why is aliexpress refunding me, today at night she asked about my income… You cannot ask it at once? Are you enjoying bullying your customers and letting them wait for days in my case with locked account and not telling them real reason why you locked them account?? No… becouse there is no real reason…

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Please try and understand that Revolut cannot communicate with you on the reasons for the block as it could be against the law which is known as ‘tipping off’.

I understand that a lot of people are frustrated with the timeframe and partially, that reason is with Revolut’s growth and the fact they cannot handle it, which is why most of the work is trying to be done with automation but for the time being, you must be patient. In the UK if such a block has occurred, you are required to wait within a week (Unless Revolut has been instructed otherwise by the NCA).

Revolut is not a bank (Except in Lithuania) so they must adhere to stricter financial guidelines which is why a lot of people get their accounts blocked because of the assumption that Revolut is one.

Sorry if it feels like I’m lecturing you, but this is to help everyone. :pray:

Who else is experiencing a locked account like this


moderator, could you please ask live agent to pick-up the chat, thank you in advance for help.

same for me since 4 days and nobody pick-up the chat. waiting.

Is your page like this aswell?

Hi AndreasK ,

my revolt account won’t let me log in I have changed phone number and do not have access to my old number when try to log in with my new number " We’re sorry, something went wrong. Please try later" comes up this has been happing for 2 weeks I cannot wait any longer.

please get back to me ASAP.

Can you please help me,my account is locked and I’m trying to pay my mortgage which is due today, please, please help

@AndreasK me too revolut blocked my account for security verification , I have money on this account I need to use it , please help me during this bad situation , I didn’t have a customer service to help me

@AndreasK Hi there. I got an e-mail saying that I need to verify or my account will be locked or restricted. I can’t verify my ID due to my visa application. My passport, my only document, is in the application centre since the beginning of the outbreak. So all I can do is to wait until it is delivered to me. Will I be able to access to my account after I don’t know how long until I get my passport and verify? Thanks.

Shows me this picture , and I can’t operate with my account . Please support contact me I will be glad to help you with information to unblock my account . Thanks

Did you try to contact Revolut through following form?

hello @AndreasK my account has been blocked 2 months ive sent all documents can you please check as i need my money and i have a family i sent all porof of payments and documents

@AndreasK My account has been blocked and I can’t access anything my app won’t even connect to support staff what can I do?

i have the same problem @AndreasK need to help us

Hello @discobot
I have lost my phone 2 weeks ago, where I had the Revolut app, i have since then been using my work phone where I have downloaded another app of Revolut and changed the numbers, no one has responded to me since 21st of June. I kept on writing and writing and no response. This is not fair. You are blocking my money. Maybe i am in urgent need of that money. Please if anybody can reply! This is absolutely noT professional from your side.No matter how busy you might me or how many customers you might have. All banks around the world have millions of customers but they do attend to them !

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