Account Blocked, No access to money & No customer Support


i am having trouble with my card, ive tried to top up and it has declined. when i did manage to put money on i tried to withdraw some to see if the card worked and this was declined. my account has now been blocked so now i cant get access to my money or app. the cusotmer service number doesnt work and the suport app no one has come back to me. can someone please sort we are set to go on holiday and now crrently have no access to our money.


Hello there @wfareferee :slight_smile:

Unfortunately there’s no phone support on :r: yet :telephone_receiver::frowning:

Your block looks like a verification-wise security measure. The FAQs suggest to fully verify your account before going abroad :slight_smile:

If you urgently need access to the support chat (24/7 urgent), consider using the 1 month premium trial (free) and cancel it afterwards (or keep it if you find it useful). Just keep in mind ordering a Premium card and then cancelling the trial will suppose a fee.

Another way of reaching :r: might be through Twitter, althoug it it not 24/7:


Hi there!

As I can see your account was not fully verified and got locked for security reasons.

I’m glad our support team has helped you out.


Hi Omar,

first of all, please stick to common rules for communication.

Second, please verify your account fully with an ID and your address.

Did you top up the account via bank transfer or CC ?

If these steps do not help you out, send a message to @AndreasK with your phone number so he can sort this out.


hi i am havıng problem with my account. my account bloked please help me. all my money in there. i need the pay my bill.



Apologies for the long wait. I can see you’ve created two accounts, is there a reason why?


I have email adress and gmail adress. So when you guys email me it does come on both them. I have replied to you on Gmail. Iike i told i had first revolut account and I wasn’t sure if I was going to use it. But then my friends are told me use it its good. I went on again but forget my details so I make new account. Thank you

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No worries. Could you please shoot me a direct message so that I can help?


Hi Andreas

Can you help please.

I just signed up to premium (literally an hour or so ago) but it was not clear this is a 12 month contract! I don’t want to continue with this and wish to cancel immediately.


I am having trouble with my account and it is blocked.

I tried to topup funds and it blocked my account because i needed to verify my card.

In the chat the advisor is very slow and says she cannot unblock the account as my bank statement doesn’t show my card number but the problem is a bank statement or any statement from the bank will never show a card number which means she will not unblock my account

She is unable to unblock my account and all my money to pay my hotel is in it
can it be transferred back asap???

I am currently in the airport ready to board my flight for JFK and NO MONEY

Please help


Hi there. As I can see, you’ve unsubscribed from Premium.


Hi Claire. I can see your account fully active.


My account is blocked and has been for three days now which has caused some big problems. Unfortunately I’m not in a position to sit waiting for hours for support to reply but it always takes that long. So when I finally get to check support I have a message saying come back online for help and the cycle starts again

Really disappointed as I just started a membership and have lost quite a bit of money now because of this


My card was blocked because I incorrectly entered my pin last week 3 times. I spoke to Support a couple of days ago, who told me that my card had been reactivated. I went to use it last night and it was still blocked. I contacted support this morning. Hanna replied over an hour ago asking some security questions and said she’d get my card unblocked. I gave her the info and I haven’t heard from her since. I’m not very impressed. These are the only two times I’ve contacted Support.

I can’t even close that conversation and look to start a new conversation with another Support person.

What can I do?