Account blocked, no 4 digit code


I attempted to withdraw money from an ATM and I think that was what caused my card to be blocked. I am now asked for a 4 digit code from my bank statement but the title of the transaction is not Revolut 1234.
I have tried contacting support but I haven’t heard anything back (over 12 hours). I was under the impression that premium users had 24/7 support.
Is there anyone I could get in contact with about unlocking my account?


That’s weird. I used the chat this evening and it took them 4 mins.
If the transaction was just made, and it’s still pending (not completed, just retained) in your traditional bank, it might not always show the correct “concept”.
You could try asking them.

Also, at least in my case, all previous Top-ups show the code on them in my statement :slight_smile:


note that Revolut are asking for the code from your last top up, not the last transaction taking money out.


My last top up was on the 25th, not sure they’ll change the description if they haven’t done it by now. Also it is not pending, it appeared on my statement on the day.


Of course, but it might take some days for it to be settled. You might want to ask your traditional bank, as this might take 7-10 days, or contact :r: Support


I’ve been trying to contact support with no luck, getting no response. Is there any other way to contact support other than the in app chat?