Account blocked. Im left with no money. HELP!!!


I went on to make a small amount payment and my account got blocked. Now I can’t pay for anything. I had all my money on that account.

This is extremely frustrating. And chat is offline.

I need immediate help. Please help me unblock my account.


@AndreasK @jessicaszabla

Please help me. I’m desperate.


I had a similar issue , my account was unblocked by a staff member in support . i provided relevant information to confirm account belonged to me .

It did take a while for support to respond but was sorted .


I dont know. They take too much time. I was waiting 2 hours until finally someone
answered on support, only to tell me that he will elevate my problem to the
relevant team. And 8 hours later no answer.


I recommend you put any information helpful that you believe will be required in the support chat and hopefully a staff member reads it and replies soon . Its a shame the response time is slow but staff are helpful when they eventually reply .

They either are ridiculously busy or undermanned by staff .


How much time you think is gonna take for my issue to be resolved? I’m in a foreign country with literally no money atm…


I have no idea im guessing it varies … It took about 9 hours for myself to get sorted . i will tag a staff member who helped me previously on this forum . He should be able to help you if he comes online . @AndreasK


Ok someone answered finally and unblocked my account.


I am in The same position. I have no help from support and have p.ed the twitter account
@AndreasK @jessicaszabla.
Please can someone get me unblocked asap


I am still blocked. The assistant asled me to enter the code. I had Lready dond this. I told him so and i have no reply


Could you please send me a direct message with your phone number associated with your account?


Its 07923202475 anne Ardern just landed in Prague with no money…


Still blocked and no contact with anyone in 24 hours this is sooo very bad


Still blocked four day now


I am having issues too with a blocked account 4 days after having topped up and cannot get a response from support


Same situation… Account blocked! My number is +49 0176 47383159. Matteo Martelli. Need help urgently!


@AndreasK @jessicaszabla

Please help me. My account blocked!! I can’t do anything…even can’t chat…No contact…I am really frustrated.

Below issues are:

  1. I am sure my account got blocked, so first unblock it.
  2. I had uploaded document 5 days back and it’s still showing that pendign verification…Please help to resolve this.

Many thanks.


Hi Abhay, we’ve unlocked your account. Thank you for you patience.

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