Account blocked, ignored by in-app chat support. 10 days later, still unresolved!!


My account was blocked after I tried to withdraw £20 from an ATM (really…?) on the 22nd of May. After the chat support asked me to confirm some security information and send some verification documents, which I did right away, I got nothing.

After sending some more messages 2 days later, and then 3 days later, I am STILL being completely ignored by the chat support!

I want to use Revolut, but at this rate I quite literally have no choice other than to go back to Monzo.


I am in the same messy situation. Keep calm and be patient, you are up to the most unpleasant journey of the year.


I’m exactly in the same situation and also ignored by the support. I lost all confidence in this app.



This morning my account was restored. No explaination as to the reason for why my account was locked.

There were a few support messages apologising and telling me it’s sorted. However (suspiciously…?) all of the chat messages regarding this issue have been deleted so I cannot see them anymore.

My advice - be patient and hope it gets sorted eventually. Then use revolut as a backup only. I’ve gone back to Monzo and my normal bank.


I have moved to N26 for now. App is not the best, very slow and a bit confusing, but so far works without fail and support always responds in a matter of minutes.


As they try to erase all traces of their communication on the chat, do like I did ; make a screen copy of all your texts and their answers.

I have used N26 for now 6 month and it works fine with a good service.


Same thing is happening to me.tried to get answers across multiple support networks.

It feels like this company has stolen from me.

I shall be contacting the regulator


I am struggling since May 5th to get my money and have these guys answering my questions without posting copy-paste non sense. I just wanted a statement with a detailed description of where my money was sent to. I am just loosing my time and effort.
They are unprofessional, disorganized and inefficient.
Go to Twitter and Facebook and tell speak up.
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