Account blocked: I top up two revolut card with the same prepaid card

Hi, since I top up my revolut card and my friend’s one with the same prepaid card, my account was blocked. Consequently, I had to put the 4 digit code of the latest top up (my friend’s one) and scan the image of his card (not arrived yet). So I tried with the four digit code which appeared on my bank statement but the app told me that the code or the card are incorrect. What should I do?

Should not be doing this.

Yeah now I know I don’t have to do it. Anyway, could you please explain to me exactly which 4digit code should I put and which card should I scan in order to see my account working again?
Cause I took the 4digit code of the latest top up from my bank statement and I scanned the latest card I’ve top up but it isn’t working.

Not sure if I get you correct on this one, but you don’t have to scan the Revolut card, you have to scan the card you used to topup your account.
However, I had the same experience while trying to topup the account of a friend with my prepaid card. What was interesting is, that my account got blocked but not the account of my friend which used my prepaid card. One would think it should be the other way around if you want to prevent fraud on that prepaid card. I contacted the in-app support team which was able to help me to unblock my account afterwards, which is what I recommend you to do too.